The City of Hudson has become a revitalized city full of artists, antique dealers & entrepreneurs.

Warren Street, Hudson’s main thoroughfare, is lined for 10 blocks with early Federal houses, grand Victorian Queen Annes, historic firehouses, and other architectural gems. Warren Street is fast approaching what Bleeker Street was in Greenwich Village at one time:

  • Small independent stores
  • A little grocery store
  • Fashion stores
  • A historic antique district

It’s small-town America writ large. Founded by Quakers from Nantucket, the City of Hudson was established to process and hide whale oil from the British during the American Revolution. Many of the buildings still display their architectural similarity to maritime New England. There are echoes of the past – the whalers, iron and brick workers, generations of migrants, and the Hudson River School painters, including Olana, the home of Thomas Church.

Now, Hudson is a center for all things creative. Its antique stores, stylish shops, performing arts centers, hip music venues, and fabulous restaurants attract new visitors, residents, and weekenders. Hudson is just a short walk from the Amtrak station. It is only two hours from Manhattan, making it exceptionally attractive to New York City residents seeking a little more nature and a lot less bustle, practical for a weekend or full-time residence.